When a hunter chooses to go after a trophy book buck, they'd better be concerned about one thing above all else; location! Let's face it, you cannot shoot a trophy animal if he is not there.

At T & C Wildlife, we've made the decision easy for you. We feel that we have one of the best places in North America to bag that once in a lifetime buck. Why Kansas? Kansas is seated in the heart of the agricultural belt. It is home to an amazing array of wildlife and terrain. Strict management by the state wildlife department has resulted in an incredible area with a healthy herd and great genetics. Kansas holds two of the top ten all-time Boone & Crockett spots for non-typical. Three of the top typicals are also from Kansas. Nine of the state's largest non-typical and eight of the state's largest typicals have been taken in the last ten years.

Why hunt in SE Kansas. Literally hundreds of book deer are shot here every year. What makes the SE corner of the state so special? Because of its location, this area of Kansas is a geographical gem situated between the Ozark Mountains to the east and the native flint hills to the west. This has resulted in an area consisting of oak-hickory hardwood forests mixed with fertile river bottoms. Hundreds of miles of timber zigzag in and out of the luscious crop land and green pastures found here. Not to mention the natural mineral deposits found beneath the soil. Proper nutrition and a large supply of available mineral licks means large racked bucks and a healthy herd.

Why hunt T & C in Unit 11. Unit 11 is one of the most sought after units in Kansas. All of T&C's 6,500 acres are located in Unit 11. We plant over 100 food plots of whitetail clover, alfalfa, buck forage oats, wheat, corn and milo. These plantings coupled with restricting the number of hunters, as well as letting the smaller bucks pass and the managed harvest of does, gives our hunters the opportunity to take a great trophy. Our 2003 season yielded a success rate of 80% on free ranging bucks that scored between 125 and 180. We have bucks on our property that will gross well over 200!

We provide strategically located elevated box blinds and treestands that overlook food plots, open timber, brush draws, CRP fields and logging roads. Aerial photos and maps of hunting areas showing buck sightings and travel routes give our hunters the edge in finding their trophy. All accommodations such as lodging, meals and beverages are included in the package deer hunts. Semi-guided and self guided hunts are available.

Just bring your own gun, bow or muzzleloader and we will furnish the rest. Call T & C for additional information, prices and availability. Non-resident hunters must apply to the state wildlife agency before May 31st to be eligible for the draw. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks does not issue non-resident tags for applications sent in after this date.

We hope to see you at T & C this fall!


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